Rhinoplasty in Ho Chi Minh City




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Crooked or asymmetrical nose

Collapsed bridge

Nasal length discrepencies

Deep creases above the nostrils

Overly large nose

Pinched tip

Deviated septum

Wide nose structure

Difficulty breathing

Other abnormalities


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Rhinoplasty is one of the strengths of Dr. Phúc Đinh, with his training and internships in aesthetic powerhouses such as the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and his accumulated experience over nearly 10 years.

With an annual statistic of over 500,000 rhinoplasty surgeries performed nationwide, many beautiful nose shapes have been achieved with natural results and long-lasting outcomes. Dr. Phúc Đinh’s skilled hands have served clients from all corners of the country.

Rhinoplasty is one of the common cosmetic surgical procedures. Each individual’s nasal structure requires a specific intervention technique and approach, designed specifically for them to achieve a harmonious alignment with other facial features.


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The personal consultation with Dr. Phúc Đinh ensures that you can express all your desires and concerns, allowing both you and the doctor to have a clear understanding and proper control of expectations, what can be achieved, and what may not be suitable. The consultation begins with the doctor actively listening to your concerns, emotions regarding the shape of your nose, accompanying issues you wish to address, and the ultimate results you want to achieve. The doctor may ask questions such as “What do you want to change the most about your nose?” and your answer becomes the starting point for guidance and suggestions on intervention techniques.

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Dr. Phúc Đinh always takes great care in explaining thoroughly for you to understand the structures of the nasal area and the implementation plan to modify those structures in order to achieve the desired nasal shape. For example, if you feel that your nasal bridge is too low and flat, the doctor will explain the methods to elevate the bridge according to your preferences, along with the best techniques and materials to achieve the desired outcome. Similarly, if your nasal bridge is humped, the doctor will provide advice and explain the intervention methods to refine and reshape the bridge to your liking. All intervention outcomes will be presented by the doctor, with illustrative drawings and detailed explanations, ensuring that you can feel at ease, have a clear understanding, and visualize the basic form of the desired results. The ultimate goal Dr. Phúc Đinh aims for is for you to express your own desires, for the doctor to understand what you want to change, address your concerns, and provide the most suitable recommendations and intervention methods to achieve the ultimate satisfying results for both you and the doctor.

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With the unique characteristics of each individual, the doctor carefully examines and assesses the anatomical structure of your nose, analyzes its shape, and based on your desired expectations, conducts a specific examination of the structural units from the inside out. Then, the doctor will create a visual representation for you to envision the changes in the shape of your nose after the intervention.

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This visualization process is highly practical as it allows you to see achievable changes and improvements in the shape of your nose. It also helps to align the communication between you and the doctor, ensuring a clear understanding of the specific shape of the nose and the overall facial harmony after the cosmetic nose reshaping procedure.

One of the key factors contributing to Dr. Phúc Đinh’s success throughout his professional career is his ability to consult and utilize the visualization process to listen and exchange ideas with clients regarding their desires and expectations. This enables both the client and the doctor to have a better understanding of each other. You can easily imagine the shape of your nose after the intervention, how the overall facial appearance will positively change, and engage in an open discussion with the doctor for clarification, advice, and the most suitable intervention methods. The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

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Finally, you and Dr. Phúc Đinh will come to an agreement on the appropriate process and desired outcomes based on the consultation and visualization. This ensures satisfaction with both the aesthetic shape of the nose after the surgery and the functional aspect of proper airflow for breathing through the nostrils.

Đồng thuận sau cùng sẽ có được qua các bước tư vấn giải đáp các thắc mắc và mong muốn của bạn, cùng với các chỉ định, khuyến nghị của Dr.Phúc Đinh. Quy trình này cần được nhấn mạnh là cực kỳ quan trọng, đảm bảo các mong muốn của bạn được truyền tải đến bác sĩ, và ngược lại, các chỉ định, tư vấn, kiến thức và các lưu ý của bác sĩ cũng được bạn đón nhận đầy đủ, kỹ càng và rõ ràng.

Dr. Phúc Đinh luôn đặc biệt cẩn trọng trong việc đảm bảo bạn đã hiểu được rõ đặc điểm cấu trúc hình thái mũi của mình, từng chỉ tiết rõ ràng. Cần đảm bảo được bạn nắm được các thông điệp trong quá trình tư vấn, kiểm soát tốt kỳ vọng với kết quả đạt được qua các khuyến nghị và chỉ định chuyên môn. Sau cùng cả bạn cùng bác sĩ thấy rõ được hình thái dáng mũi dựa trên kết quả dựng hình và quá trình tư vấn.

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Dr. Phúc Đinh will always provide you with comprehensive information and address any concerns you may have regarding the intervention process. Throughout the consultation and interaction with the doctor, we encourage and support you to ask questions and share any worries or doubts you may have, so that they can be addressed and clarified.

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We will present and explain each step of the process to ensure that you feel completely at ease with your decision and accompany you on your beauty journey with Dr. Phúc Đinh.

Some questions you may have during the consultation process could include:

  • Does the doctor have the necessary qualifications to perform this surgery?
  • How many years of experience does the doctor have in this field?
  • Can I see some before and after photos of the doctor’s previous work?
  • What if I am not satisfied with the results after the surgery?
  • What technique will be used for my specific nose?
  • What will the scar be like after the surgery?
  • What is the recovery time after the nose surgery?
  • How can you guarantee that the shape of my nose after the surgery will look natural and harmonious?

We will address these questions and any others you may have to ensure that you have a clear understanding and feel confident in your decision.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Dr. Phúc Đinh and the care team are with you every step of the way during the healing process. We provide thorough instructions and guidance to ensure that you have the gentlest recovery and achieve the most beautiful aesthetic results.

Recovery Timeline

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In the first few days, we always advise our clients to relax and be as comfortable as possible. Applying cold compresses under the eyes can provide additional comfort.

After 48 hours post-surgery, you can watch TV or read books comfortably, but we still recommend resting during this period. Clients are given pain medication before the surgery to ensure a comfortable post-operative experience, although most clients rarely complain about pain after the surgery.

If your work can be done at home, you can gradually return to light work after the initial 3 days. However, you still need to wear a nasal splint, and swelling will still persist during this period.

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You can still engage in light work during this stage. Swelling will significantly reduce, and there may be minimal bruising. These conditions will improve greatly starting from the seventh day onwards.

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You will come back for a follow-up appointment with the doctor one week after the surgery. We will remove the nasal splint and take care of the incision for you.

Some sutures may be removed at this time, while others may need to be removed after 12-15 days. In addition, our healthcare staff will clean the inside of your nasal cavity and provide external nasal hygiene.

The doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment with you in 2-6 months to evaluate the results. By this time, swelling and bruising will have significantly subsided. Most people can resume their normal work routine after the first week, once the nasal splint has been removed.

You can resume light sports activities, but we recommend that you take absolute precautions to protect the nasal area and avoid any risks that may cause injury and affect the healing of the surgical incision.

Why Rhinoplasty Recovery with Dr.Phuc Dinh is Superior

You undergo a gentle and comfortable healing process after rhinoplasty with Dr. Phúc Đinh, thanks to the doctor’s experience.

With precise, careful, and meticulous incisions and techniques, minimal damage is caused to the soft tissue. As a result, swelling and bruising are usually minimal, and the healing and recovery process is faster.

Each body may have a different healing timeline, but most of Dr. Phúc Đinh’s clients often mention that swelling and post-operative pain are minimal and “comfortable.” This is also why Dr. Phúc Đinh is a trusted choice for rhinoplasty surgery in Ho Chi Minh City.


The most common compliment from clients after rhinoplasty is “Your face looks more beautiful,” but their family and friends may not fully understand why. Dr. Phúc Đinh always aims for the most natural results possible, with the goal of addressing your beauty concerns while still preserving your unique features, so that everyone recognizes you.

We never want to change you into someone else or make you look “frozen” after the intervention. With the most suitable techniques and materials, along with aesthetic sensibility and skilled expertise, we elevate your beauty and help you become a more refined version of yourself.

“Rhinoplasty changes the shape and improves the functional aspect of breathing, naturally enhancing the beauty of your face. The most beautiful noses are those that look natural and harmonious with the facial features, in line with the body’s characteristics and ethnic traits. Therefore, nasal cosmetic interventions should strive for a smooth and balanced integration of these factors, while addressing the concerns and desired changes of the client, in order to achieve the most satisfying results.”

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Dr. Phúc Đinh will utilize the closed rhinoplasty technique when deemed suitable. Closed rhinoplasty is a surgical approach performed through incisions inside the nostrils. In certain cases where structural reconstruction of the nasal tissues is not required, but rather a simple augmentation of the nasal bridge, this technique can be employed.

During the consultation with Dr. Phúc Đinh, the doctor will examine and evaluate the condition of your deviated septum, whether there is narrowing of the internal nasal valve or external nasal valve, and if there is any inflammation of the nasal turbinates. All of these factors can affect your breathing process. Based on the examination, the doctor will provide advice and explain whether you need corrective intervention for the deviated septum and other measures to improve your breathing function.

The open rhinoplasty technique allows for a clear view of the nasal anatomy, enabling detailed intervention on each component and structure, especially in cases of deviated septum, crooked nose, or the need for structural adjustments. In these cases, the open technique facilitates the surgeon’s ability to make precise adjustments and place grafts with higher accuracy. The resulting incision from the open rhinoplasty technique is also typically well-hidden and hardly noticeable.

The answer is no, it is never too late to enhance your beauty in general and to undergo aesthetic nose reshaping. Many of Dr. Phúc Đinh’s clients undergo nose reshaping procedures in middle age or even later. As long as you are in good health and desire to change the shape of your nose to feel more comfortable and confident when looking in the mirror, you are always ready for aesthetic nose reshaping surgery.

With the closed rhinoplasty technique, the scar is completely inside the nostrils, ensuring that the scar cannot be seen under normal conditions. With the open rhinoplasty technique, there is only a small scar located horizontally on the columella of your nose. After the wound heals, this scar is also difficult to notice.

The most suitable age is after the adolescent stage and early adulthood, when the anatomical structures such as cartilage and soft tissues have fully developed. However, aesthetic nose shaping can still be performed on teenagers, starting from around 15-16 years old, when the anatomical structures have started to stabilize. The specific age depends on the individual’s body development and the desires and emotions of the client.

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New Journey


Your new nose

Dr. Phúc Đinh, with his expertise in nose shaping using modern materials and a unique approach, brings out the distinctive beauty that is unique to you.