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Located at the center of the face, the nose plays a crucial role in creating a first impression, whether positive or negative.

When the nose is harmonious with other facial structures, it contributes to a very positive facial energy, generating a favorable initial impression.

For those who are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their nose, or those who wish to alter the nasal tip, nostrils, nasal bridge, or even all three components, surgical intervention may be required to reshape the nasal structure.

With structural nose augmentation, the intervention involves altering and adjusting the anatomical structure of the nose to improve its form and function. However, not everyone is ready for a surgical procedure.

Hence, non-surgical nose correction has become an ideal solution, utilizing filler substances to address issues such as a flat nose, raising the nasal bridge, and increasing nasal projection.

The only obvious drawback is that it cannot address a large nasal base. For cases where the nasal tip is drooping, a small amount of Botox injected at the base of the nose can help lift the nasal tip.

For cases of a flat nose, injecting fillers in the upper part or sometimes at the concave area of the bridge can significantly improve aesthetics. However, the drawback is that it can make the nose appear larger.

Therefore, it is necessary to undergo an examination, combined with consultation and visual simulation techniques, to determine the most appropriate intervention method for each case.

For cases of a low nasal bridge, using fillers to raise the nasal bridge has become increasingly popular and favored.


Bump on nasal bridge


Flat or under projected nasal tip


How it works

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Your personal consultation time with Dr. Phuc Dinh ensures that you can express all your desires and expectations, allowing both you and the doctor to have a clear understanding and good control over what can be achieved and what may not be suitable.

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Dr. Phuc Dinh begins the consultation by listening to your concerns, emotions, and feelings about the shape of your nose, accompanying issues you want to address, and the ultimate outcome you wish to achieve after the intervention.

The doctor may ask questions such as, “What is the most important aspect you would like to change about the structure of your nose?” From your response, it becomes a starting point for the doctor to provide advice and propose intervention techniques.

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With the unique characteristics of each individual, the doctor conducts a thorough examination to assess the anatomical structure of your nose, analyze its shape, and based on your desired expectations. The doctor will specifically examine the structural units from the inside out.

Subsequently, using visual aids, the doctor will create simulations to help you envision the changes in the shape of your nose after the intervention.

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The process of visual simulation is highly practical as it allows you to see feasible changes and improvements in the shape of your nose. It also helps establish a clear communication between you and the doctor, enabling you to visualize the specific shape of your nose and the overall facial harmony after the corrective aesthetic nose shaping intervention.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of Dr. Phuc Dinh throughout his professional career is his ability to consult and utilize the visual simulation process to listen and exchange with clients regarding their desires and expectations. This allows both the client and the doctor to have a better understanding of each other. You can easily imagine the outcome of your nose intervention, how positively it will transform your facial appearance, and you can openly discuss and exchange ideas with the doctor. This enables the doctor to provide answers, advice, and recommend the most suitable intervention method based on mutual agreement, with the ultimate goal of delivering the most satisfying results.

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Finally, you and Dr. Phuc Dinh will come to an agreement on a suitable process and desired outcome after the consultation and visual simulation process. This ensures satisfaction in terms of the desired shape of the nose after the surgery and the functionality of the nasal airway for proper breathing.

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Dr. Phuc Dinh always provides comprehensive information and addresses all your concerns regarding the intervention process. Throughout the consultation and interaction with the doctor, we encourage and support you to ask questions and share any worries or uncertainties you may have, in order to receive clarification and answers.

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We will present and explain each step of the process to help you fully understand it, so that you can feel completely at ease with your decision and embark on your beauty journey with Dr. Phuc Dinh as your companion.


Satisfaction for both you and the doctor.

“Rhinoplasty helps to alter the shape and improve the functional aspect of the nasal area, thus naturally enhancing the beauty of your face. The most beautiful noses are the ones that look natural, harmonizing with the facial features and suiting the individual’s body characteristics and ethnic traits. Therefore, aesthetic nose shaping interventions should delicately and harmoniously blend these factors, along with addressing the concerns and desires for change of the client, to achieve the most satisfying results.”

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Before and after


The results of the intervention typically last from 6 to 12 months, after which you can return to Dr. Phuc Dinh for a subsequent intervention if desired.

You are suitable for non-surgical nose job if you wish to change the shape of your nose without undergoing surgical procedures or incisions. If you desire a gentle, less painful intervention method with almost immediate results, this is the beauty approach for you. However, it is important to have a thorough examination and consultation with Dr. Phuc Dinh to receive appropriate recommendations.

Due to the absence of skin incisions or anesthesia, non-surgical nose augmentation requires minimal downtime.

Clients can return to their normal daily activities after the intervention, and in rare cases, there may be mild swelling or redness, which will typically stabilize within a week. The results of the intervention can last from 6 to 12 months.

Post-intervention advice from doctors includes avoiding wearing glasses for a few weeks to allow the body to adapt and stabilize with the new nose shape. It is also recommended to refrain from engaging in intense physical exercise or consuming alcohol within the first 24 hours after the intervention.

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The aesthetic visualization tool will help you visualize and understand the information regarding nasal aesthetic shaping more clearly.