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Plastic Surgery in Ho Chi Minh city


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Outstanding Care

From the moment you meet Dr. Phuc Dinh until the time you leave, our utmost priority is to provide caring, dedicated, and proper care in every aspect. We believe in delivering personalized treatments that align with your body’s physiology and cater to your individual desires.

At no point will you experience any pushy sales tactics or forced decisions. Dr. Phuc Dinh’s core working philosophy revolves around serving customers and delivering desired results with the highest standards of excellence.

We view our customers as family, and our commitment is to take care of you, offer guidance, and provide services that help you gain a better understanding of beauty knowledge and suitable options for yourself.


In addition to offering beauty care services, Dr. Phuc Dinh and the accompanying staff are always ready to provide support for patients who require plastic surgery following traumatic events, aiming to enhance their body shape. Dr. Phuc Dinh’s work is driven by a strong sense of responsibility and compassion, with the ultimate goal of helping patients feel more confident and revitalized in their inner selves.


Dr. Phuc Dinh is consistently driven to stay updated on the latest knowledge and technology, ensuring the best possible outcomes for customers. With great enthusiasm, Dr. Dinh actively engages in domestic and international seminars to remain informed about the latest advancements in treatment applications. This commitment stems from the understanding that Dr. Dinh’s clients deserve the best and most suitable intervention methods. Moreover, staying up-to-date allows for time efficiency and cost optimization.


With Dr. Phuc Dinh, the utmost priority lies in providing clear and committed consultations to customers in the most specific, comprehensive, and accurate manner possible. We prioritize open communication about what can and cannot be achieved, along with discussing any associated risks and precautions with each intervention. Honesty is our guiding principle when determining the appropriate intervention methods for each client. We understand that when clients have a deep understanding of the process and intervention procedures tailored to them, it sets the foundation for achieving optimal results with Dr. Phuc Dinh’s expertise.


With Dr. Phuc Dinh, our commitment to your care extends far beyond the clinic doors. We maintain constant communication to ensure your satisfaction with the outcome and a smooth healing process. We are always ready to address any questions or concerns, providing you with a sense of security throughout your journey.

Our dedicated customer care staff is always available to accompany you, offering warmth and wholehearted support in every step, whether it be major surgeries or minor procedures.

We understand that transforming and enhancing your self-image is a significant decision, and we recognize the importance of having a trusted and dedicated team by your side throughout the entire process. Your well-being and satisfaction are our top priorities.


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When you schedule a consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet directly with Dr. Phuc Dinh to address your questions, concerns, and any worries you may have regarding the minor procedure intervention.

We place utmost importance on tailoring a personalized process for each individual client, ensuring that there is an individualized exchange of information. This allows us to provide treatment intervention solutions that are specifically suited to your needs. Additionally, we strive to maintain clear control over expectations and goals, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of the process.

Từ đó, chúng tôi sẽ có kế hoạch thực hiện quy trình can thiệp riêng biệt cho bạn và đặt lịch thực hiện quy trình can thiệp, mọi thời gian can thiệp luôn được ưu tiên trước tiên bởi lựa chọn khách hàng, đặt thù công việc và các nhu cầu cá nhân nhằm mục địch đảm bảo cho kết quả dài hạn trong việ làm đẹp của bạn

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During the consultation, clients will engage in an extensive session to discuss various aspects related to the surgery. This includes exploring the appropriate surgical methods, the process of pre-operative preparation, potential outcomes following the intervention, risk factors to consider, as well as postoperative care and strategies for maintaining long-term results. The consultation ensures that clients receive comprehensive information and guidance to make informed decisions about their surgical journey.

Mọi quy trình tư vấn tại Thẩm mỹ Thiên Phước trong giai đoạn ban đầu hoàn toàn không tính phí, khách hàng hoàn toàn có thể trao đổi cởi mở về những thắc mắc, trăn trở về quy trình phẫu thuật, quá trình hồi phục và kết quả sau mổ.

Trong quá trình tư vấn, Thẩm mỹ Thiên Phước luôn có nhân viên tư vấn ở bên bạn để lưu chú lại những câu hỏi và sẽ đi cùng bạn trong suốt hành trình làm đẹp, mọi thắc mắc, các câu hỏi của bạn sẽ luôn có nhân sự Thiên Phước ở bên cạnh để chia sẻ, giải đáp.

Trước khi tiến hành can thiệp phẫu thuật, các bác sĩ tại Thẩm mỹ Thiên Phước luôn có quy trình tư vấn thì hai, để đảm bảo khách hàng đã hiểu về quy trình trước, trong và sau mổ, các thắc mắc và lo lắng đã được giải đáp, đảm bảo khách hàng đã an tâm và thoải mái về cả thể chất lẫn tinh thần trước khi can thiệp phẫu thuật.



Dr. Phuc Dinh is here to address all your questions, concerns, worries, and uncertainties regarding your personal beauty journey. Whether you’re considering surgical or minor intervention methods, Dr. Dinh is dedicated to providing solutions that align with your specific desires and needs. You can rely on Dr. Dinh’s expertise to guide you through the process and help you achieve your personal beauty goals.