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Dr. Phúc Đinh understands that one of the most uncomfortable issues after a nose job is an unnatural-looking result, such as a “fake” or “stiff” nose that appears overly sharp.

He empathizes with the discomfort you feel when a crucial and significant facial feature like the nose fails to provide the satisfaction and confidence you desire. Dr. Phúc Đinh is committed to his core objective of honoring the natural beauty of your nose, respecting its distinctive characteristics, and ensuring it aligns with your cultural background and ethnic traits, ultimately bringing you a sense of satisfaction and comfort.

Dr. Phúc Đinh is always dedicated, professional, and customer-oriented.

For Dr. Phúc Đinh, interventions with cases of nasal deformities aim to restore aesthetic appearance and improve functional complications resulting from previous surgeries. His focus is on achieving the most feasible outcomes, helping you feel more comfortable with the shape of your nose.


Crooked nose

Upturned nasal tip

Difficulty breathing

Other abnormalities

Nasal length discrepancies




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Dr. Phúc Đinh initiates the consultation process by attentively listening to your concerns about your nose, specific issues you wish to address, and your desired improvements and expectations for this revision surgery.

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The questions asked may revolve around your previous nose surgery, the aspects you like and dislike about your current nose. For example, questions such as “How long ago was your last nose surgery?” or “What issues in the past led you to consider having a nose job?”

The doctor ensures that they understand your desires and expectations for this revision surgery and will provide detailed advice on the nasal structure and the techniques that will be employed to carry out the corrective intervention for you.

For instance, if you express dissatisfaction with a high bridge, a bulbous or pointed nasal tip, the doctor will explain the process of revising the nasal bridge, reshaping the nasal tip, and may even accompany the consultation with a visual representation to help you envision the potential outcome. The ultimate goal is to help you understand the procedure that the doctor will perform and manage expectations effectively. Both you and the doctor aim for a final result: a natural-looking nose that enhances your facial beauty.

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With the unique characteristics of each individual, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination to assess the anatomical structure of your nose, analyze its shape and form. Based on your desired expectations, the doctor will specifically examine the different structural units of the nose from the inside out. Subsequently, using visual aids, the doctor will create images to help you visualize the potential changes in the shape of your nose after the intervention.

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This visualization process is highly practical as it allows you to see the achievable changes, the improvements in the shape of the nose, and also ensures clear communication between you and the doctor regarding the specific nasal form and overall facial harmony after the aesthetic nose reshaping intervention.

This is one of the key factors contributing to the success of Dr.Phúc Đinh, as they prioritize consultation and utilize the visualization process to listen to and exchange information with clients about their desires and expectations, fostering better mutual understanding. You can easily imagine the post-intervention appearance of your nose and the positive transformation of your facial features. You are encouraged to engage in an open and interactive dialogue with the doctor, allowing them to address your concerns, provide advice, and determine the most suitable intervention methods based on mutual agreement. The ultimate goal is to deliver the most satisfying results.

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Finally, you and Dr. Phúc Đinh will reach a consensus on a treatment plan, ensuring that the final results of the consultation process and visualization meet your expectations in terms of both the aesthetic appearance of the nose after surgery and the functionality of the nasal airway for proper breathing.

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The final agreement will be reached through the process of addressing your concerns and desires, along with the doctor’s recommendations and guidance.

This process needs to be emphasized as extremely important, ensuring that your desires are effectively conveyed to the doctor, and vice versa, the doctor’s instructions, advice, knowledge, and notes are fully understood, carefully considered, and clearly communicated to you.

Dr. Phúc Đinh is always particularly cautious in ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the structural characteristics and morphology of your nose, with every detail explained explicitly. It is essential to ensure that you grasp the messages conveyed during the consultation process, effectively manage your expectations based on the recommendations and professional guidance, and that both you and the doctor have a clear understanding of the nasal morphology based on the visualizations and the consultation process.

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Dr. Phúc Đinh always provides comprehensive information and answers any questions you may have regarding the intervention process.

Throughout the consultation and interaction with the doctor, we always encourage and motivate you to ask questions and share any concerns you may have, in order to receive clarification and answers.

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Dr. Phúc Đinh will present and explain each step of the procedure to ensure that you have a complete understanding and feel confident in your decision. Some questions you may have during the consultation process include:

  • Does the doctor have the necessary credentials to perform this surgery?
  • How long has the doctor been practicing in this field?
  • Can I see some before and after photos of the doctor’s previous work?
  • What if I am not satisfied with the results after the surgery?
  • What specific technique will be used for my nose?
  • What will the scar look like after the surgery?
  • What is the expected recovery time after the surgery?
  • How can I be assured that my post-surgery nose will look natural and harmonious?

Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery

Dr. Phúc Đinh will always accompany you throughout the healing process and provide the most thorough care instructions to ensure a gentle recovery. The incision scar after a nose lift is virtually invisible unless examined closely. Dr. Phúc Đinh often says, “Unless someone looks very closely to count the hairs on your nose, they won’t be able to see the nose surgery scar.”


Superior Rhinoplasty Recovery


With over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, Dr. Phúc Đinh ensures a gentle and comfortable recovery journey after surgery. The doctor performs surgical procedures with gentleness, precision, and meticulousness, minimizing trauma to soft tissues. Therefore, the recovery process is also gentle and faster, with less swelling and bruising.

However, the recovery process may vary for each individual depending on their body’s response. Generally, Dr. Phúc Đinh’s clients experience less swelling and bruising and a faster recovery time compared to expectations.


“With Dr. Phúc Đinh, not only is he a skilled surgeon, but he is also an artist.”

“Rhinoplasty helps to alter the shape and improve the functional aspects of the nasal area, resulting in a natural enhancement of your facial appearance. The most beautiful noses are the ones that look natural and harmonize with the facial features, while also being in line with individual body characteristics and ethnic traits. Therefore, rhinoplasty procedures should be performed with a delicate balance, considering all these factors, along with addressing the concerns and desired changes of the client, in order to achieve the most satisfying outcome.”

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Plastic Surgeon




Typically, Dr. Phúc Đinh always advises clients to wait at least one year before undergoing a revision rhinoplasty, as the nasal structure fully heals and stabilizes after this time.

It is crucial to allow sufficient time for the swelling in the nasal area to improve and for the soft tissue to mature. In some cases, if there are concerns regarding the size or thickness of the nasal tip, these issues may improve over time as the swelling subsides.

Dr. Phúc Đinh’s process for reconstructing the nasal structure and positioning involves a more complex procedure compared to the initial surgery. Depending on the client’s condition, a revision rhinoplasty can range from a simple adjustment to the nasal dorsum to a more intricate reconstruction of the entire anatomical structure. It is essential to restore the structure to its correct position, ensuring functionality, and then focus on achieving a natural aesthetic outcome with Dr. Phúc Đinh’s intervention.

What material options are used for interventions in cases requiring revision rhinoplasty? Dr. Phúc Đinh typically prioritizes the use of autologous cartilage over external materials, which can include ear cartilage or rib cartilage. However, with advancements in scientific technology, synthetic materials have become highly biocompatible with the body. Therefore, depending on the specific case, the surgeons will select the appropriate material based on factors such as stability, quantity, and properties to meet the needs of the intervention.

In the first week, there may be some swelling and mild bruising around the eye area. Some clients may need to breathe through their mouth as the nasal passages can be obstructed due to swelling, similar to when you have a cold. Some individuals may experience mild fatigue for 1-2 days after the surgery. It is common for clients to rest for a few days after the procedure with their head elevated to reduce swelling and promote better healing.


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Designed by a team of experts and Dr. Phuc Dinh, the illustrative tools for interventions help you gain a better understanding of the procedures, aiming to achieve the most aesthetically satisfying results for you.